Hi! I’m Aimee, and Tomorrow Living is my blog.

Tomorrow Living began in April 2015, and I’ve been working on it more or less ever since. After a few quiet months, I’m currently looking at introducing some new content and features. However, I endeavor to keep all of my posts fitting under one of more of these three topics –

  1. Green Living- I’m passionate about all things sustainable and ethical, so a lot of my posts focus on how to live more gently and justly upon this earth.
  2. Style – Tomorrow Living initially had quite a big focus on green beauty and ethical fashion, which is something I still adore, so you can expect plenty of posts on these topics!
  3. Substance – this is a bit of a more varied category – anything from rants, profiles of my favourite people, or musings on various social justice issues.

Please do get involved, comment, shoot me an email on tomorrowlivingblog@gmail.com or share your journeys with me too. I’m excited for the direction TomorrowLiving is going in, and hope you’ll join me there!

Tomorrow Living is a PR friendly blog. If you would like to discuss a product or service which you believe would be a good fit with Tomorrow Living’s ethos, please do get in touch at the above address. Please note, I will only work with brands who are committed to ethical, sustainable environmental practices. 



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