Girl Got Goals

Monday’s blog post came unexpectedly – I had the urge to start writing and get back in to the blogging world as quickly as possible. However, with a few days breathing room, I thought it might be worth outlining some of my more concrete goals for the year ahead. I absolutely love reading these kind of posts on other people’s blogs – I find them really inspiring, and they often lead me to think about whether I can incorporate other people’s resolutions in to my own life. Either that, or I’m a nosy old so-and-so.

One of the things that I’m trialling this year is a bullet journal (I got lost in the rabbit hole of the instagram #bujo hashtag and just couldn’t resist) so in the spirit of my new project, below are my goals for the year – as briefly as possible.


  • blog weekly
  • go self hosted
  • give Tomorrow Living a facelift
  • take more photos
  • don’t get disheartened
  • be more active on twitter
  • find a good balance between my personal and blog related posts on twitter.


  • exercise for an hour at least twice weekly (I’m not the fittest)
  • run a 10k
  • work hard, make all those hours at uni worth it
  • learn as much as I can in my Charity Apprentice course
  • snack less
  • save as much money as possible
  • spend more time with the brilliant friends I have here at home

phew! It might look like a lot, but who doesn’t begin the year with a ridiculous number of goals at the start of the year? I’m determined to make 2017 the year that my career really takes off, and I have quite a few important things I’m saving up for, so fingers crossed I get to tick some of these resolutions off. Regular content will begin again next week, but until then, do let me know if there’s any type of post you’d particularly like to see! I’ve got some decent ideas, and would particularly like to revisit the Ethical Fashion Profiles I was writing this time last year. So if you’re keen, hmu on



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