Natural Lipstick Lowdown


This month I’ve been lucky enough to get my mitts on three new natural lipsticks. I’m a huuuuge lipstick fan – it’s hands down my favourite type of cosmetic, and I’m sure I’ve banged on about it plenty of times before. I love how a slightly different colour can change your entire face, instantly making you look more perky and alive. I’m also, at the grand old age of 22, finally getting on board with red liptick. I’d previously shied away, thinking it made me look too pale, or too dressed up, or that it had a distinctly un-Aimee air about it. But no more!

So, let’s get in to this red lipstick that has changed everything for me, shall we? In honour of Organic September, Living Nature’s Pure Passion* lipstick (certified organic by COSMOS) is on special offer, so I thought I’d give it a try. I’d wanted to try a deep red for ages, and given how regularly I top up my lipstick, I feel a bit easier knowing all the ingredients are green and clean. It’s carmine free too, which even if you’re not too bothered by organic/green credentials should make you breathe a sigh of relief, as really, who wants to be smearing crushed up bugs on their lips?

As you might have gathered, I’ve been pretty pleased with this product. Yes, it needs the occasional top up, but as it is a natural lipstick I feel like this is to be expected. I’ve tried my fair share of poor quality natural lipsticks, but Living Nature’s offering has reassured me that there are some good guys out there still – you can get a hold of it here.

I was a little less pleased with the Neek Skin Organics offering in Whole Lotta Rosie. I was drawn to the colour, the super fun name and the cute packaging – all of which I agree are fabulous, but the product itself just doesn’t really do too much. I found it a little drying, patchy, and with poor colour payoff. I needed to reapply it so frequently that there was barely any point in wearing it. It is very close to my natural lip colour, which makes it a pleasant daytime nude, but in reality I can’t see myself reaching for this lippie all too often.

The last lipstick I’ve been trying out this month is Birthday by Ere Perez. I’d seen a whole heap of hype about this brand online, and I will happily join the chorus of voices singing its praises. I love the colour, the creamy moisturising texture, the lasting nature of the product and the sleek, feminine packaging. And what better name for this happy, bright, unashamedly pink colour than ‘Birthday’?!  I love pretty much everything about this little gem.

Phew! Those reviews were a little lengthier than planned, but I hope you find them interesting. Below are some (rather poor) quality images of what all three look like on – please bear with me until I purchase an actual, real high quality camera. Unfortunately as a recent graduate, that’s not too high on my list of priorities, so it may be a while! I think these give quite a realistic idea of what the colours look like on, so if you’re a pale old ghost like me then these might be a good reference.


And for those of you interested in this kind of thing, I swatched all three up – I think this gives a much better indication of how vibrant Birthday is, as well as how weak the colour payoff from Neek unfortunately is.


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*denotes an item which was kindly sent to me as a PR sample.


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