The Waste Less Wishlist

Remember how outraged everyone was when they finally cottoned on to the fact that those cardboard Costa and Starbucks cups weren’t recyclable? Yeah, me too. Even though somewhere in the back of my mind I’d like to think I always knew those little cardboard vessels weren’t as good as they’re made to look, I’d like to thank Hugh Fearnley -Whittingstall  for bringing it firmly to my attention.

Moving back home to London, and seeing everyone armed with those cups at all hours of the day has hammered home quite how much waste it must all account to. My personal reaction has been to try and forego buying a hot drink all together – in part because I’m still saddled with a hefty student overdraft and need to not be wasting shedloads of cash on drinks I don’t need when there’s tea for free in the office. However, there are a fair few handy gadgets that you have life that can make wasting less a tad easier – so let me introduce to you my very own personal waste less wishlist.

The first of these is a KeepCup because honestly, what better response to the mass waste that goes on all over the country right now? My main problem with things like this is forgetting to take it with me – but maybe if I leave one on my desk at work, I’d at least have it handy for most of the day. These are a little heavier and more durable than a travel mug which is fab because I just cannot get along with them – they leak, or warp in the dishwasher, or the lid won’t seal properly… the list goes on. These come in a whole range of different colours and you can design your own and they’re super pretty, so what’s to lose right?

I don’t really know why we don’t have a kitchen compost bin at home, but it’s one of the things I’ll be sure to invest in when I do eventually move out. This Joseph Joseph Intelligent Waste bin is pretty neat as it neutralises odor, which I’m relatively certain is my mum’s main reason for not having one of these in the house.

Finally, stainless steel straws. Is there anything simpler? I can’t believe I didn’t even know these were a thing until recently and they are an absolute steal from ebay. I’ve literally just ordered one because I’m very happy to save the planet when it’s so cheap, and I feel rather smug about it all. I can keep this in my handbag, ready and waiting for whenever the urge for a fancy smoothie strikes.

Simple, right? Three things, three easy steps to take to live a little more gently. It’s not the most extensive list of gadgets ever, but I thought a huge list of stuff would kind of defeat the point of wasting less and minimising consumption. However, if you do know of any absolute must-haves for getting a bit closer to a zero waste lifestyle, give me a shout because I’d love to hear!

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4 thoughts on “The Waste Less Wishlist

  1. What a great list to educate people about some of the options out there. You’re right about remembering to have stuff with us – an ‘in sight, in mind’ approach is best – so like you say, keeping the cup on your desk is fab. I keep my shopping bags next to my car keys otherwise they get forgotten too. Thanks for the #zerowasteweek tweet and I hope you enjoy the week! (And I hope the fairies bring you everything on your list!)


    • Thank you! I honestly think making use of these gadgets is the hardest part- otherwise your just contributing to a build up of stuff in your own home. Hope you have a fab #zerowasteweek too!


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